“We are a fitness group inspired by the Biophilia Hypothesis, which states that humans have an instinctive bond with nature and are more productive, lively and compassionate when outdoors. We consider exercise as the best way to get your daily dose of fresh air.”


Core Strength and Posture

Picture your core as the center of a chain of muscle groups; No matter what exercise you do, every motion you carry out incorporates your core to some degree. To make you stronger and more athletic than you already are, we emphasize strong posture and core activation in every exercise we do.

Aerobic Training

You will be challenged physically and mentally at every workout. We utilize high intensity training circuits to burn as many calories as possible. These workouts can be very demanding but have been proven to be an extremely effective training method. Our goal is to meet you at the edge of your comfort zone and guide you over it.


An element of strength training is incorporated in every class at Biophilia Fitness. By building muscle, you’ll give your body the means to burn more calories and become trim and toned.